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Classic Barney

Barney live in New York City

Video release date: August 3, 1994
(Barney's second live stage show)
Description:Barney takes the stage to bring you a musical extravaganza filled with mystery and imagination. Using the Barney Bag, the children create a wonderful gift for everyone to see. But wait! The bag is in the hands of The Winkster, a colorful character who pops up at surprising times and places! As a merry chase develops, Barney becomes the ringmaster at an "Imagination Circus." To retrieve their bag, Barney and his friends must help The Winkster learn how important it is to have friends and to share.
Starring:Barney, BabyBop, BJ, Shawn, Derek, Tosha, Kathy, Min, Julie, Carlos, Kelly, and The Winkster

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