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Classic Barney


Tina Facts:
*Her first appearance was in the Barney and the Backyard Gang video "The Backyard Show" (1988)
*Her first appearance in the TV series was in the episode "The Queen of Make Believe" (1992)
*Her last appearance was in the Episode "On the Move" (1995)
where she comes back with Derek to visit Barney and talk about what it's like going to a new School.
*She is an original member of Barney's Backyard Gang
*Her big sister is Luci
*She likes animals
Recent Info:
Hi, Barney fans. I have really missed all of you over the past fewyears. I was one of the original characters with Barney playing the role of "Tina." In 1987, I auditioned in Dallas for this role. Much to my surprise, I landed the part at the young age of five. I played "Tina" for eight years. In 1995, I went back to Houston, Texas and returned to my public school.
My fondest memories of the "Backyard Gang" are:
Celebrating my 10-year birthday party with the cast and crew during a lunch break.

When Brian Eppes "Michael" played with my Baby Alive toy!

When Leah Gloria "Lucy" and Lauren King "Kathy" treated me to a birthday dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

I am currently a sophomore in high school and am involved in many activities. This keeps me very busy. I am involved in Student council, National Thespian Society, and the Dance Team. Outside of school, I played a role in a summer production of "Grease." I also spent a lot of time with my three-year-old brother.

My hobbies are:
Talking on the phone and spending time, with my friends;

Driving my new Honda Civic;

Reading novels and especially works by William Shakespeare (I am a
big fan of his).

My plans for the future are to attend college and receive a degree inTheatre Arts. I will also pursue a degree in law specializing inlitigation.

"A winner never quits and a quitter never wins"
A big thankyou to BarneytheDinoFan (Drew) for helping me find this info
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