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Classic Barney


Tosha Facts:
* Her first appearance was in the episode "Be a Friend" (1992)
* Her last appearance was in the episode "Up we Go" (1995)
* Tosha also appears in the 1996 Classic Collection video series.
* When Tosha first came to her new school in the episode "Be a Friend" (1992) she wasn't sure she would have any friends.
*She has a cat named Tom
*Her favorite color is Purple
*She had a fire at her house
*In the episode "Families are special" (1993) she shows everyone her new twin baby brothers.
*She comes back in the Special Barney reunion "Sing and dance with Barney" (1998)
Recent Info:
"I love to sing, dance, and act!"

I am continuing to pursue my acting career. I currently perform with
my Theatre Department at the school I am attending. I also volunteer
for several community service organizations.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading poetry, playing soccer, shopping
for vintage clothing (I love the retro seventies look), playing with
my two cats Dusty & Sachi. I also like playing sports with my two
I have always been fascinated with science. I plan to pursue a career
in the science field someday. My favorite color is purple, my
favorite food is pizza. My favorite snack is a pickle (I have at
least one a day).
A big thankyou to BarneytheDinoFan (Drew) for helping me find this info

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