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Classic Barney

Imagination Island

Video Release Date: April 16, 1995
(aired on TV in spring 1994)
Description:When a special effect turns Tosha's bedroom closet into a stairwell of a pirate ship, the viewer knows this will be a different Barney experience. Tosha and Min and their dinosaur guide climb aboard to join Baby Bop, B.J., and the boys on a journey to the titular island. Barney and the kids explore the island, stopping along the way to turn tree branches, starfish, and clams into percussion instruments and break out in song. They stumble onto a thatched cottage, and its owner, Professor Tinkerputt, invites them in to look, but not touch, the beautiful toys he makes for himself. The gang turns the professor's life around by teaching him about sharing and he decides to join them on their journey home in order to give his toys to children.
Starring:Barney, BabyBop, BJ, Tosha, Min, Derek, Shawn, and Professor Tinkerputt

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