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Classic Barney

Magical Musical Adventure

Release Date:January 27, 1993
(released only on video)
Description: Barney's friends are building a sand castle in Derek's Backyard when who else but Barney appears! With the use of imagination Barney takes the group on a fun filled adventure to a real castle.On there journey the travel to a magical forest where they discover a new friend Twynkle the elf.Once Barney and his friends reach the
castle gate everyone plays with magical horses and the royal maypole!Then it's time to enter the castle and meet the king, who has a special favor to ask.Soon, Barney and his friends are joined by BabyBop for songs, a tea party and other castle fun!
Starring:Barney, BabyBop, Derek, Michael, Min, Tina, Twynkle and the Royal King

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